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Horizontal Short Radius Drilling Program
Allied Energy plans to use new completion techniques to jet long reach perforations or medium horizontal short-radius reach lateral extensions into the most productive oil producing zones.

Allied Energy's only goal is to produce U.S. domestic Oil and Natural Gas for the American Consumer. Founded in 1993, Allied Energy, Inc. is an independent oil and gas producer located in Petroleum, West Virginia. Allied Energy has owned and operated 153 oil/gas wells covering 5,650 acres, in Ritchie, Pleasants and Gilmer Counties, where oil and gas has been produced since the late 1800’s (See Historical Article from 1965). In 2004-2005, the company oil and gas assets were sold after receiving attractive offers in an ever changing market.

In July 2008 with the global shift of oil prices, a unique opportunity in an area well known to the company was presented and reviewed. Since November 2008, Allied Energy has leased approximately 6,500 acres, with 36 oil/gas wells in Ritchie, Doddridge, and Gilmer counties in North Western West Virginia, which is part of a 35,000 acre, 350 well drilling program.

Production operations began immediately in December-08 with the clearing of lease and well location roads and the laying of miles of both new oil and gas lines. New natural gas sales meters and oil storage tanks were set for the anticipated production from targeted wells.

To this overall effort we began the shipping of our first natural gas in four months, from beginning production operations on a 24/7 basis in April-09 and our first oil production being shipped in July-09. It normally takes two years from the leases acquisition to first production phase of operations.


Our first 5,000 ft. well recompletions into the upper shallow oil/gas formations were conducted in the first half of 2010 with excellent production results to date. Our plan is to continue with both the well workover program that has been in place since December 2009 and the recompletion of the balance of our existing 5,400 ft. plus Devonian Shale wells drilled in the 1980s into the upper shallow formations. We will then begin the drilling of new in-field horizontal short-radius and vertical wells into select formations to depths of 3,000 - 5,000 ft. completed with a 6,000 barrel slick water formation fracture, at a completion rate of three wells per month. We have a current drilling inventory of approximately 350 new drill sites.

These oil/gas leases in Allied Energy's inventory of properties have yet to be drilled out to the total oil and gas producing capabilities, and according to DOE reports there may be up to 90% of original oil and gas reserves remaining in these areas.

This is who we are at Allied Energy, Inc. and we hope that this will give you a snapshot of our company's objectives over the next several years.

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