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• There is little or no competition from the larger oil companies in drilling shallow or medium depth wells in West Virginia.
• The area enjoys high initial production rates with slow decline rates and steady production over a 25 year well life.
• West Virginia enjoys stacked vertical formations from which to produce, which significantly lowers the risk of dry holes.
• The State allows very dense infill drilling compared to other parts of the country.
• Service costs to drill and produce wells are probably the lowest in the USA
• The area produces very high quality oil & enjoys excellent prices for both oil & gas.
• The State is very business friendly and practical in its environmental regulations.

Allied Energy plans to capture a unique opportunity in the energy production sector, located in one of the most attractive and lowest risk basins in the USA.
• Acquire additional leases and capture significant new drilling opportunities, now underway.
• Pursue a strategy of working over existing wells and recompleting bypassed productive zones to generate low risk increases in production.
• Drill up the inventory of 32 current 1,700 and 5,000 ft. wells then stepping out very short distances from existing producers, drilling new wells.